Su Mao Feng 素毛峰
Su Mao Feng 素毛峰
Su Mao Feng 素毛峰
Su Mao Feng 素毛峰
Su Mao Feng 素毛峰
Su Mao Feng 素毛峰


green tea
Su Mao Feng (素毛峰, Sù Máo Fēng, “Plain Hairy Peak”) is ubiquitous in Sichuan’s capital city of Chengdu. It is enjoyed in homes, offices, and in Chengdu’s dozens of riverside open-air tea houses, where it is second on the tea menu after Zhú Yè Qīng. Visiting friends or relatives are usually served the more expensive Zhú Yè Qīng, but locals prefer to drink Sù Máo Fēng for its full, robust flavor and bright green liquor. It is made of the leaves and buds of the E’mei tea plants, and the downy appearance of the white buds against the green leaves gives it its name. Its flavor is rich, sweet, and grassy with a soft floral fragrance and luminous emerald infusion.

Tasting Notes

1.Green Bean / Lima Bean
2.Unsweet Maple
3.Grassy Notes / Mild
4.Green Beans / Crisp

West China Tea – Austin, Texas

We are importers of farm-direct Chinese tea and artisan tea ware based in Austin, Texas. We’ve been serving the Austin community with tea, tea service, and a series of ever-larger tea houses since 2012. Tea brings people together – our mission is to bring people together with tea.


$ 14.99
30 grams
Su Mao Feng

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