Organic Superior West Lake Dragon Well – Sipping Streams
Organic Superior West Lake Dragon Well – Sipping Streams


Green Tea
This green tea comes from the West Lake region of the city of Hangzhou. These flat leaves are harvested in early spring when the leaves are full of aroma and have a silvery shine. These leaves produce a soothing and refreshing jade-colored liquid full of freshness. Semi-sweet in taste and orchid-like in smell, Dragon Well (Lung Ching) is one of the most famous green tea in China.

Tasting Notes

1.Nutty - Rich
2.Buttery / Creamy
3.Snap Peas
4.Sweet Green Beans
5.This was a very exceptional Dragon well Longjing. It had a rich nutty buttery taste with notes of snap peas and sweet green beans. Another wonderful tea from Jenny at Sipping Streams! It paired perfectly with the delicious lemon custard & blueberry cream puffs my friend Alex @12nomad83 cooked for us. He is an amazing authentic Italian cook.

Sipping Streams Tea Co.



Fairbanks, the largest city “Farthest North” in Alaska, finds long days drenched in dusk and bone chilling cold in the winter months. The community finds one of the season’s best comforts in hot, comforting concoctions, and a modern, serene environment to gather. Tucked in a cozy and inviting environment with fresh, unique, and tempting treats, Sipping Streams Tea Company delivers on demand to a culinary niche.

Owner, Jenny Tse, conducts monthly tea classes at the shop, or at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Participants learn about the origins of tea, differences in tea qualities, the complexities of tea flavors, tea pairing with food, and the medicinal qualities of tea. Similar to a wine-tasting class, tea is the new art in beverage consumption and the answer to otherwise bored coffee drinkers looking for a new indulgence –just don’t call the tea house a café!


$ 11.25
1 oz.
Dragon Well

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