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African Sunset Tisane – Sipping Streams

This smooth, naturally sweet tisane is just what you need to let your stresses melt away at the end of the day. Calming chamomile and smooth red rooibos will help you relax and enjoy the sunset. Rooibos and chamomile have been used to help upset stomachs, colds and allergies. It is naturally caffeine free.


Organic Superior West Lake Dragon Well – Sipping Streams

This green tea comes from the West Lake region of the city of Hangzhou. These flat leaves are harvested in early spring when the leaves are full of aroma and have a silvery shine. These leaves produce a soothing and refreshing jade-colored liquid full of freshness. Semi-sweet in taste and orchid-like in smell, Dragon Well (Lung Ching) is one of the most famous green tea in China.


1,000 Mile Tea – Sipping Streams

1,000 Mile Tea - This high energy tea was blended by Tea Master Jenny Tse Owner of @sippingstreams Tea Company in Fairbanks, Alaska. This highly caffeinated tea is the official tea of the Yukon Quest international sled dog race. It’s a mixture of four different strains of high-end white and black tea. It was created to compete with the coffee sponsors of the race, so it had to be STRONG. It also had to be “Fool Proof”, so that when the mushers opened their thermos three hours into the race it wouldn’t taste bitter.