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Dong ding is possibly one of the biggest staples in Taiwanese tea. it’s darker earthy flavor profile pairs perfectly with the profiles of heavily roasted teas. This one is a little different, it’s roasting is heavier but not what is currently defined as a “heavy roast”. This allows it to be enjoyed fresh without any need for time to settle. Heavy roasted teas need usually need a certain amount of time for the flavors to settle post roasting. This baby is good to go, so feel free to break right into it and enjoy this very warming comforting tea.


Royal Peach Orchid Oolong

Royal Peach Orchid (Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong) comes from Wudong mountain just above Phoenix village. Because of the genetic variation and the rich diversity of the vegetation, true Dan Cong Phoenix Oolong has a large variety of flavour profiles. Tea farmers have tried to define them in groups pomelo flower, magnolia, ginger flower etc. This tea is Honey Orchid aroma and is made from semi wild trees that are approximately 50-100 years old.