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1,000 Mile Tea – Sipping Streams

1,000 Mile Tea - This high energy tea was blended by Tea Master Jenny Tse Owner of @sippingstreams Tea Company in Fairbanks, Alaska. This highly caffeinated tea is the official tea of the Yukon Quest international sled dog race. It’s a mixture of four different strains of high-end white and black tea. It was created to compete with the coffee sponsors of the race, so it had to be STRONG. It also had to be “Fool Proof”, so that when the mushers opened their thermos three hours into the race it wouldn’t taste bitter.


Malawi Antlers White Tea

Rather than being made from the leaves of the tea bush, this incredibly rare tea is made from the velvety stem of finely plucked spring shoots. These antlers wonderfully express the unique terroir of this extraordinary tea garden. Only a few kilos can be produced each year.

One of the most remarkable things about Antlers is that they get better and better with each infusion. The water penetrates deeper into the stems and the flavour changes with each steep. The apricots remain, but a deeper, woody, umami taste gently reveals itself behind the soft, sweet fruit. It truly becomes more and more divine.

For the first infusion, use 3g per cup and add 150ml boiling water to soften the stems and steep for two minutes. But don’t worry if you overdo it. The woody stems take time and don’t contain much tannin, so leaving them for five minutes or longer won’t be at all disastrous.

You don’t need to re-boil the kettle between each infusion. Each cup will be cooler, but the stems will be softer. You may need to lengthen the infusion times as the stems start to exhaust, and reheat the water if it cools too much, but don’t give up on them. I’ve made eleven infusions from the same pot.


2013 Effulgence Gong Mei Bing 靈光貢眉白茶餅

2013 Effulgence Gong Mei Bing (靈光貢眉白茶餅, Líng Guāng Gòng Méi Bái Chá Bǐng, "Holy Light Tribute Eyebrow White Tea Cake") - We're excited to be able to share this remarkable tea. It is an amazing example of a well-aged, 7+ year white tea "treasure" cake. The full maturity of the cake results in a slow oxidation of the leaves, giving this tea a warm, rich, sweet character that is less dark than a Shou Mei. The bud-heavy composition of this cake lends a balanced clarity to the infusion with little to no tannic astringency. It exchibits notes of pine and cedar, clarified fermented berries and plums, and cured cannabis. The mouthfeel is viscous and sweet, and the Qi is evocative of golden light dripping down the body like thick icing down the side of a cake.


Unfolding Path Cave Aged White 弘道白茶

Unfolding Path Cave Aged White (弘道白茶, Hóng Dào Bái Chá, "Unfolding Path White Tea") - This tea comes from Du Yun in central Guizhou, just southeast of the capital, Guiyang. Though the local variety that this tea is from does not have a proper name, it is a high elevation small-leaf varietal that grows at about 1200m. The tea is first processed with a sun-withering until partially dry, it is then very gently massaged. Once this is complete, the tea is stored in ceramic jars and then cured in a cave near the fields for 1-2 days. It’s fragrance is characterized by sweet, syrupy white grape and molasses notes with a deep lingering hazelnut "nutella" character. Its flavor is mild and reminiscent of apricot and champagne and a soft, slightly sweet redwood duff finish. The Qi is expansive and stimulating, matching its name.


Silver Spring Needle – White Tea

The heart of Botanik lies in the understanding that plants fill our world with beauty. We harness this beauty combining visual allure, robust flavors, and dynamic energies brought on by our world class herbal blends and teas. Sourced from both ancient premiere growing areas around the world, and locally from our hometown of Davis, California we are pushing a new wave of tea culture centered around quality, health consciousness, and sustainability.


White Magic (Vanilla Almond Orange Blossom White Tea)

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