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How Tupac, Too Short and E-40 inspired Oakland’s Hella Tea

Hella Tea owner talks hip-hop puns and Lipton as an escape. Article by: JESSICA YADEGARAN | Oakland native Chantrelle Edwards started Hella Tea in 2017 with $100 in her bank account and many epic hip-hop tea puns in her head. Tea Short, Steep Curry and M. Tea Hammer were born out of her love for...


Rediscovering 174 years of Tea

Article by: Aurora Prehn and Mark Nesbitt From: Collection No. 73218 Fancy Tea, or Old men’s eye-brows tea, bound in silk thread from the Collection of G.C. Scorer, of the firm of Fortnum, Mason & Co. 1872. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew houses a remarkable cache of tea leaves and tea material culture collected...


Feats of Clay – Creating Teaware

Yesterday I had my first private pottery lesson from the talented Marc Jeannin at Feats of Clay. Feats of Clay is the oldest pottery studio in Austin! It is a woman-owned pottery studio and gallery that’s been operating since 1976. The owner Rebeccah Polk was very friendly and paired me up with Marc Jeannin who...


Stop Asian Hate

**The featured photo is my friend So Han Fan & Owner of West China Tea in Austin, Texas.** This was yet another hate crime in America. Saying he “snapped,” “lost it” or “had a bad day” is sickening and disrespectful to the victims and their families. I could care less what kind of day he...


Austin English Tea Company

  Needless to say Sarah’s treats were authentic and VERY delicious! I highly recommend booking a tea party inside her elegant tea room, or getting “tea to go” as we did and having a picnic! Visit Austin English Tea


Pu’er Is the ‘Champagne of Teas’ That’s Good For Your Heart

Even a novice tea drinker knows that tea—in its many varieties—can benefit the body. Need to calm down? Brew a calming cup of chamomile. Need help focusing during your fourth Zoom meeting of the day? Matcha‘s got your back. But even tea drinkers with a whole pantry full of different varieties may not be familiar with pu’er...


Tea and Meditation: A Match Made in Nirvana

More than just a source of caffeine, tea is full of healthy plant compounds – many of which also happen to possess mildly mind-altering properties. For instance, tea contains calming l-theanine, and some research suggests the polyphenol antioxidants in tea, like EGCG, may also affect our mental states. (1) That’s probably why legend, history, and modern science...



Chinese tea on the face of it would seem the perfect drink to welcome in the Chinese New Year but it’s slightly more complicated than that as Lu Zhou and Timothy d’Offay of Postcard Teas explain. “Happy Chinese New Year! This year is The Year of the Ox and it begins on February 12th so...

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