My Story

The world of tea excites me, because it is just as complex and intricate as craft beer. The difference is it’s actually GOOD FOR YOU!

I take pride in my sobriety and being “High on Life!” When I made the decision in 2016 to get clean and sober, I could have never predicted how amazing life’s journey would be. The first step to change is to become aware of your own excuses. But how? I couldn’t go out and not drink. That idea was ludicrous! I opened my own craft brewery for Pete’s sake! How would I interact with others without my trusty pint of beer in hand? It gave me courage and made me a funny guy!? Truth is… I no longer cared what people thought of me. If they didn’t like me without a beer in my hand, then they were never a friend to begin with. My life since I put the plug in the jug has been filled with more happiness and joy than I could have ever dreamed! My health, spirituality, mental clarity, energy, creativity levels, and overall zeal for life has quadrupled.

The Universe works in mysterious ways. I am so grateful to be in this place today. I moved back to Austin in 2017, started dating an old friend who soon became my wife, and then the mother of our daughter. Time is our most precious commodity so don’t waste it on “energy suckers.” Trim the fat! Surround yourself with people who encourage, motivate, and genuinely care about you. I’ve witnessed alcohol destroy so many relationships in my life, close family, and my dear friends. If you struggle with it, BREAK FREE! If I could do it, anyone can.

In my day to day I’m a graphic designer. Please reach out and refer anyone you may know who’s in need of design! https://shadchancey.com


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