Yesterday I had my first private pottery lesson from the talented Marc Jeannin at Feats of Clay.

Feats of Clay is the oldest pottery studio in Austin! It is a woman-owned pottery studio and gallery that’s been operating since 1976. The owner Rebeccah Polk was very friendly and paired me up with Marc Jeannin who specializes in teaware. Marc’s work is truly outstanding and his ability to guide a newbie such as myself around a pottery wheel was encouraging and fun! It’s a lot harder than it looks, and I have a new found respect for these clay artists. He was precise and patient as he helped me form the shapes of a Gawain, lid, plate, and fairness cup. I chose a nice dull yellow glaze to seal and finish the set. I can’t wait to pick up in a couple weeks!


I also decided to purchase a couple of Marc’s tea cups and a Kyusu teapot for Pu’erh. He has a plethora of beautiful items to offer the tea community!


I highly recommend Feats of Clay, and encourage you to support Marc Jeannin by checking out his website and contacting him directly for custom tea ware and other works of art. Thank you & I’m truly grateful for your time.

UPDATE: 4/24/21

Today I picked up the Gawain I made from @featsofclayatx. Thanks so much @jeannin.marc for you help and guidance creating this piece. The Gawain who I’ve named Mjollnir will take its maiden voyage tonight!

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