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Welcome to Just Another Tea Blog. My name is Shad Chancey and I love exploring the vast world of tea. I come from a craft brewing background that began in 2007. I submerged myself into learning the art of brewing craft beer. I ended up moving to Boulder, Colorado in 2012 and opened my own craft brewery in Longmont, Colorado called Grossen Bart Brewery. I loved the world of craft beer and attended the Great American Beer Festival for five years in a row. In November of 2016 I decided I’d had enough alcohol in this lifetime and put the plug in the jug.

I turned over my half of the brewery to my business partner in 2017 and moved back to my hometown Austin, Texas. Grossen Bart Brewery is still thriving and pouring pints to this day! I turned my focus on non-alcoholic brewing in 2018 and formed Sharp-Wit Brewing. A Non-Alcoholic approach to Craft Beer. Each one of our batches is tested by the TABC to make sure it is below .5% alc. Brewing NA beer is very tricky and time consuming. Our Newton’s 3rd Law IPA and Occam’s Oatmeal Razor Stout are nearly perfected!

The beautiful vast world of tea is quite complex and intriguing to me. I am now 100% dedicated to learning all I can about this magical elixir. I aim to use this blog as a reference to easily track and pinpoint all my favorite teas, learn from other tea enthusiasts, and make some new friends along the way! Bottoms up! 


*NOTE: Click on the links below the pictures to access the full tea review. The ratings and opinions are simply just that. “My opinions.” 

Green Tea
Company: The Cultured Cup
Type: Green Tea
Temp: 175° Fahrenheit
Steep Time: 4 min.

Oolong Tea
Company: Mei Leaf
Type: Royal Peach Orchid Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong
Temp: 195° Fahrenheit
Steep Time: 2-3 min.
Royal Peach Orchid Oolong
Company: Renegade Tea Estate
Type: Oolong
Temp: 195° Fahrenheit
Steep Time: 4 min.
Prodigy Mesame Oolong

Black Tea

Pu’erh Tea

White Tea

Herbal / Various Tea’s

I met So Han at West China Tea. Here’s an introduction video about who we are and where we came from. Stay tuned for more content! We’ve got lots we just need to film it and stick it on here. Thanks for watching! So-Han Fan Founder, West China Tea

We are importers of farm-direct Chinese tea and artisan tea ware based in Austin, Texas. We’ve been serving the Austin community with tea, tea service, and a series of ever-larger tea houses since 2012. Tea brings people together – our mission is to bring people together with tea.

Gabriele visits The Great Mississippi Tea Company in the south of the United States, meeting the owner and spending some time in the tea garden and processing facility. Discover with him how tea is cultivated in the USA!

From our headquarters in Berlin, nannuoshan organizes tea tastings, as well as lectures and events on tea throughout Europe. Our objective is to offer the maximum quality at a reasonable price, so that everyone who is interested in Chinese tea culture has access to our fine selection.

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